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“Our Mission Is To Accelerate The Personal Transformation Of Heart-Centred Humans to Help Positively Impact The Planet”.


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The journey began With A Simple Realization…

Growing up I had everything I needed, I spent most of my time hanging around with my friends getting in trouble and generally being a typical anti-social rebel. Nothing really changed as I went into my 20’s I grew up a bit and started a construction business, got married. 

It hit me hard but nothing prepared me for one of my closest friends taking his own life. I knew right then and there that I had to honour my friends legacy, you see he was a compassionate human, who helped everyone and always put others first. I started to look for my path, how I could help others.

Then one night I stumbled on a video showing the horrors of factory farming, I had my little dog on my lap and a dead cow in my hand!!  That’s when things started to connect, I knew then that I wanted to help those who were suffering not just animals but humans who were as lost as I was.

I was starting to search for clarity, I needed to break away from the lies that society had inflicted on me!

The lies that success and happiness come from money or fame or other selfish pursuits when in reality the most successful and happy people were those who had found ways to break free from these ways destructive modes of thinking.

“I want to see a world where extraordinary is the new norm!”


Using tools I learned from a wide array of mentors and experiences I began to transform into the person who was always at my core. With this profound experience of transformation, I knew I wanted to help others get the same from their life to find their inner courage to stand up for what they believed in and to become free from the fears that stop so may fro creating true change in the world. 

In 2018, the idea for Empa7hy was born, using the profits from my construction business, I got to working evenings and weekends on my ‘side purpose hustle’ to help and inspire others to transform their lives into courageous humans who act out of purpose, not fear!


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