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Discover the proven blueprint for creating the life that you deserve.

Course Description:

Get ready to break free from your 9-5 and start living the life you know you deserve.

with this 6 week blueprint for success that includes step-by-step guidance from amazing coaches who want to see you succeed every step of the way, this program has been tailored to suit your needs.

Learning Outcomes

Week 1: You will never see the world in the same light again

Week 2: Your Identity begins to shift gears

Week 3: You will let go of the past and start living in the present

Week 4: Your Purpose will become Crystal Clear

Week 5: Learn how to make better decisions and always stay true to your purpose

Week 6: Build a life for longevity with no Regrets

Program features

  • Practical assignments at the end of every week for you to take away and implement, that’s right each week you will be set specific tasks that will ensure that you get the full impact from this experience
  • You can do at your own pace, yes the modules will be released in 6 weekly instalments if your busy and want to do it over a longer period than won’t is a problem, you have lifetime access.
  • Learn from a purpose coach who has spent over 6 years learning, refining and self-implementing these techniques that you will learn.
  • Buy 1 Give 1 is one of our core values, we will let you nominate one person who you know will benefit from the program to receive an invite to join the course for free as a gift from you once you have completed it because we understand the power of being a go-giver.

Why should you trust me?

This isn’t just a program to me this is my life’s work, in fact, you could say it’s my life’s purpose.

These are way more than useful strategies for me, they are the very blueprints that I used to turn my life around!

Theses very strategies were what I used to discover the courage to go from rock bottom to living a life of confidence and clarity. They helped me go from someone who was struggling with social anxiety so badly that I couldn’t go into the supermarket to someone who could get up on stage and speak in front of total strangers.

I managed to create 10x my business success as in the process as well as help many of my friends and family to discover what they were missing out on as well as develop the courage to become start doing work as an activist.

While I love my work as an entrepreneur/engineer in the construction and eco heating world, I deep down knew that it wasn’t my final stop, I knew that I wanted to leave a bigger more positive mark on the world.

I’ve spent the last 10 years on a journey of personal growth I’ve trained mindfulness with ex monks who have the wisdom and understanding that only someone who has spent 5 years in a monastery has, I have studied the and qualified in the science of happiness and positive psychology, read 100’s of books many by some of the most influential and purpose-driven people in the world and interviewed some extraordinary purpose-driven individual alive today and now I want to share those insights with you!

My mission is to make sure that others find a way to let go of the fears that might be limiting their success, suffocating their confidence and holding them back from living a life of meaning and impact.


How would life change for you:

if you could easily identify and let go of old patterns of behaviour that served you as a kid but now only hold you back from being happy

if you could create a new version of you, a version that is the leader of your own destiny

if you had a clear road map of the direction in life that you wanted to go and the steps mapped out to get you there

if you could stop wasting time going down youtube rabbit holes that leave you more frustrated and actually


Why such a great price?

The first module will be out very soon (last Sunday in August 2020), then every Sunday for the following 6 weeks

We will be adding one new module each well as well as providing ongoing support and encouragement.

The private members-only FaceBook group will be the place where you will be showcasing your amazing progress and supporting your fellow students in their transformation.

That’s why were are offering it at such a low price, we are only doing this for a select few early birds and then the price will be going up for good, so don’t miss out.

We are looking to get our the first group of go givers signed up and booked onto their free onboarding coaching call asap.

From here we can help you discover the best way to get as much value as possible from the program and answer any questions that you might have.

All we ask is that you give 100% out of respect to your fellow classmates, this is a safe space where we show respect to everyone.

We understand what it’s like when you can’t see the amazing value on offer that’s why we offer 30 days no questions asked money-back guarantee, that’s 30 days from the day that the course is sent to you, so you have plenty of time to discover if the course is the right fit for you!

Key Takeaways Include:

  • Discover what has been holding you back for so long
  • Learn how to deal with fear, self-doubt and procrastination
  • Understand what it is that you truly desire
  • Develop a clear life vision that is achievable
  • Gain a clear understanding of your purpose
  • Create a blueprint for future success


Extra Special Bonuses Include:

  • Massive Early Bird discount
  • Free onboarding coaching call
  • Private Facebook group for support
  • Lifetime access
  • Buy 1 give 1
  • Supportive community
  • Ongoing actionable exercises to help achieve lifetime success
  • PLUS: EXTRA Early Bird Bonus:¬† Free 1 on 1 coaching session after week 6 of the Program

Course Content

Time: 6 weeks
  • Week 1: You will never see the world in the same light again  0/0

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  • Week 2: Your Identity begins to shift gears¬†  0/0

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  • Week 3: You will let go of the past and start living in the present  0/0

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  • Week 4: Your Purpose will become Crystal Clear  0/0

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  • Week 5: Learn how to make better decisions and always stay true to your purpose  0/0

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  • Week 6: Build a life for longevity with no Regrets  0/0

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Doug Womack

Activist and entrepreneur on a mission to bring wisdom and wellness to the world.


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$495.00 $49.00

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • 6 weeks of life-changing content
  • Implementation exercises
  • Full lifetime access
  • Language: English
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Private Facebook Group Community to share your experiences
  • Full Support and encouragement from world-class coaches.