Should your business use the word Vegan or even plant-based?

Sure if your target market is vegans, but what if you are going for a broader demographic a term like plant-based or meat-free or vegan might seem like a bland diet restriction!

Going Mainstream
Big companies that aren’t well known to be ethical or planet-friendly and want to change their identities; this is your opportunity to take action.

In a recent article Business Insider hammered home the point that the Industry needs to go plant-based and quick!

Soon those smaller companies who are offering the same stuff you do in a cruelty-free and planet-friendly way will become the big players of the Industry,
and with the backing of billionaires and celebrities to help with marketing and awareness what’s going to stop them!

We now have plant-based options at McDonald’s, Subway, Pizza Hut and Burger King they know to survive they must adapt before they end up the Blockbusters or MySpace of the Industry.

From a logical perspective, why wouldn’t you eat and dress Vegan there is no benefit in eating or consuming animal products just the opposite!

But we humans are not the brightest of animals when it comes to logic over emotions we are still controlled by our four-million-year-old brains that think survival means to eat sugar every chance we get.

The thought of healthy food makes most of us think of boring and untasty food. People don’t want healthy they want pleasure!

It’s about desires, not needs that you have to serve!


It’s always great to see a bus advertising vegan food on the side, and it shows everyone that next big thing is Vegan. It gives that business a makeover of sorts, and it makes people who haven’t thought about why go vegan get little curious.

It gives me hope, but for most non-vegans, it could be offputting, sure some are veg-curious will be tempted.

There will be early adopters don’t want to miss out and will tell their mates that they tried the new vegan burger or vegan taco, but for a mainstream company that doesn’t attract Vegans, it’s a different story.

According to the World Resource Institute’s (W.R.I.) Better Buying Lab in a survey that where a supermarket chain changed the name of it vegan sausages from “meat-free sausage and mash” to “Cumberland-spiced veggie sausage & mash” increased sales by 76%, this was due to the perceived value of the product now the focus is not on what you lose but what you gain, its now about the flavour!

If you have an old or well-established brand that has plenty of customers and are looking to venture into the plant-based market yes you will need to shout about the new Vegan products as this will show customers both Vegan and not Vegan that the old brand values are changing with the times.

If your brand is 100% vegan I wouldn’t feel the need to shout too loudly about it unless you want to alienate the veg-curious crowd.

Instead, focus on what you are giving them, flavours, spices, use words like creamy, melt and sticky to show that the plant-based food isn’t the super healthy bland food its been labelled in the past and check out what some of the popular non-vegan brands are saying to see what works.

I would also look at coming up with something a bit more original in your marketing, something different.
Take Oatly with their ‘your not a Baby cow’ marketing. This kind of thing will help you stand out in an ever-growing vegan market place and still attract the type of person who wants to try something new or someone who agrees with the Vegan philosophy yet doesn’t want to be labelled as part of a v-gang!